Take on the role as a mysterious Wielder in an alternate 1880’s London. Equip your wand with a wide variety of spells and battle other Wielders for fame, power and glory in the fantastic realms of The Beyond. Explore new spells and hone your skills in your secret workshop in between battles.

Wands started out as a demo project created to show off Univrses inside out positional tracking for mobile VR. Since we made good progress quickly, it was later decided that we would turn the demo into a full game and release it under a new company, Cortopia. The game was launched late summer 2016 for the Samsung Gear VR and at Christmas it was released for Google Daydream as well.

The original team consisted of only 2 people (myself included) working full time. As the sole coder I built the entire game from scratch in Unity and was given a lead title as the team grew.

POSITIONLead Programmer
ENGINEUnity 3d
PLATFORMSOculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go / Gear VR, Steam, Viveport, Pico, MiVR and Google Daydream


  • Tech lead
  • Gameplay design and implementation
  • Implementing network support
  • Integrating 3rd party software
  • Creating a standalone Spectator mode powered by Unity WebGL
  • Handling multi-platform support