Unmechanical: Extended

My class and I created the extended edition of Unmechanical, which is a DLC pack exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Released in 2012 Unmechanical became a huge indie success on PC and later on the App Store. I’m proud to have been part of the process of developing the game further to bring an extended version to current and next gen game consoles.

Since the extended edition revolves around two characters instead of just one, there were additional factors to introduce than for the original game, such as their relationship, characteristics and roles. We tried being as clear as possible with our intent, while leaving a lot of things open for interpretation. I did both level art and kismet scripting for the 1st part, then helped optimize and finalize the 2nd section of the intro.

POSITIONGame Design Student


  • Intro cinematic design
  • Intro level art
  • Kismet optimization