Rain of Reflections

Rain of Reflections is an atmospheric, cyberpunk flavored role-playing game. Its turn-based strategic confrontations are uniquely centered around a morale mechanic. Every move and choice made by the player as the three different protagonists is permanent and will have consequences on the world and its characters.

Part of my education at Futuregames included a 30 week work placement period and I was fortunate enough to do it at Lionbite. My work consisted of scripting gameplay, as well as requested features by the team to help improve their workflow. I also assisted in nailing down design features and assisting others with impediments.

POSITIONProgrammer Intern
ENGINEUnity 3d


  • Game Design input and clarifications
  • Scripting cutscene functionality
  • Scripting UI functionality
  • Creating and extending tools for Unity