Blazing Aces

Blazing Aces is a casual, action oriented, top down game where you command multiple aircrafts to fend off a mechanical insect invasion.

This was my third game project at Futuregames. The assignment was to create a fast paced, casual, action game and was issued by Microsoft who also acted as publisher for the project. The final product was to be fully functional on their Surface 2 tablet. Our game was highly praised for both its visuals and gameplay by the final jury, consisting of people from Microsoft, King and Toca Boca.

My group consisted of 6 people; 2 game designers and 4 graphical artist. We had 9 weeks in total, including 2 weeks of pre-production.

POSITIONGame Design Student
ENGINEUnity 3d


  • Project lead
  • Gameplay design
  • Level design
  • Scripting
  • QA